5 billion
prescriptions That’s a lot of trial and error.

Every year, U.S. providers write about 5 billion prescriptions for more than 20,000 FDA-approved drugs. When prescriptions are written in the typical trial-and-error approach, millions of patients may suffer preventable health complications and adverse drug events.

At Genomind, we’re committed to partnering with providers so they can manage patient medications with precision. Learn more about our innovative genetic test.

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Saving time and avoiding complications

Busy physician practices struggle to monitor patient progress and response to medications. Genomind’s genetic test supports more efficient, effective medication management.

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Innovation in
precision medicine management

Our solutions empower healthcare providers to make the medication choices and changes that each patient needs. We’re the genomic experts, so healthcare providers don’t need to be.

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An easy-to-administer genetic test with actionable results

Here’s how Genomind’s simple cheek swab makes precision medication management possible.

  • A brief, prescriptive, action-oriented Express Report assesses the individual patient’s genetic and metabolic profile relative to medications. It outlines individual risks for drugs within multiple categories.

  • The report provides an assessment of potential risk levels for current medications and suggests possible alternatives. In less than 5 minutes per patient, clinicians can review the report and get the information they need right now. The report can be updated based on the patient’s changing medication regimen throughout their lifetime.

  • Our interactive digital platform, GenMedPro, is constantly updated, capturing potential gene-drug and drug-drug interactions for the 1,000 medications that comprise more than 99% of prescriptions written. The tool automatically makes alternative drug recommendations if a possible negative interaction is recognized.

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Efficiency and economy

  • Free clinical consults with our team of advanced pharmacists support healthcare providers.

  • Our Population Health function makes it easy for providers to quickly identify primary and secondary candidates for testing.

  • Our platform intuitively recognizes populations who would benefit from testing, such as those with chronic conditions and polypharmacy.

  • As an independent laboratory, we bill directly to insurance, so there’s no cost to providers.

  • Portability makes it easy to share a patient’s results, maximizing therapeutic decision-making within the care team.

Even our best guesses can be wrong. There are so many different types of genes involved with finding the proper protocol. I didn’t realize the impact if a patient is a rapid or slow metabolizer. This can significantly affect how I approach selecting a medication and a dosage.
Thomas Valente, MD
It’s like having a roadmap to help with making treatment decisions. As important as finding the ‘right’ medication is avoiding going down the wrong path with a medication that could worsen a related condition. Knowing a patient’s genetic profile allows me to provide more tailored medication treatment options.
Mark A. Novitsky Jr, MD
Having the Genomind results and expert support not only helped me better analyze the treatment options but also helped me gain the patient’s trust.
Natalie Kollasch, NP
Testing gives me information about which medications are likely to work without having problematic side effects, and it also gives information about interactions between any of the psych medications that we choose for cancer patients and the chemotherapy agents that they may be taking.
Lori Plutchik, MD