Mindful DNA® Professional

Discover a wellness plan that’s uniquely yours

Our genes — sections of our DNA — are the blueprints for our bodies that determine our traits, or characteristics. Differences in genes between one person and another are called genetic variation, and this is what makes us all unique. These differences may also impact our health. The Mindful DNA Professional test looks at your genes to determine which ones may impact your current or future health conditions so you can have a plan to stay well and help prevent disease.

What can your DNA tell you?

Find out which genes may impact your health conditions

Identify potential risks that may only be found with genetic testing

Treat your health holistically, and take action to improve your overall wellbeing

Talk to your wellness provider to see if Mindful DNA Professional is right for you.

Mindful DNA Professional is a genetic test that can be ordered and administered by most wellness providers. It is not available to be ordered directly by patients so ask your clinician whether the Mindful DNA Professional test is right for you.

To facilitate your conversation, you may click below for a resource about Mindful DNA Professional to bring to your provider.

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