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Please read and print out the resource below. Please feel free to bring it to your current clinician in order to share more details on the benefits and the logistics of ordering Mindful DNA® Professional. We welcome any additional questions that you or your clinician may have at:

(877) 895-8658

Testing with Mindful DNA Professional helps providers design unique wellness plans for every patient.

Mindful DNA Professional is a genetic test used by clinicians that helps guide lifestyle, diet and/or nutritional supplement decisions to improve the overall health and wellbeing of patients. It was created based on Genomind’s expertise in brain health and belief in the importance of the mind-body connection. The results report provides personalized, actionable information that helps patients adjust their lifestyle, habits and activities in order to improve their quality of life. Providers typically order Mindful DNA Professional to help identify potential health risks that may only be found with genetic testing, to aid in determining which treatments will work best for their patients.

How does the test work?

1. The test requires only a small sample of saliva, collected by swabbing the inside of the cheek with a cotton swab.

2. The provider uses a prepaid shipping packet and requisition form to securely send the sample to Genomind, along with the completed patient consent form.

3. The Genomind CLIA and CAP-certified lab performs the genetic testing on the sample and returns the report to the provider via a secured portal within 8-10 days.

4. The provider discusses Mindful DNA Professional test results with their patient and crafts a personalized treatment plan.

What does the test tell us?

The test analyzes 32 genes in six key areas, or domains, of health: Cognition & Mental Acuity, Cardiometabolic, GI & Immune, Stress & Emotional Wellbeing, Inflammation, and Sleep. For each at-risk gene result, the test report specifies holistic steps patients can take in collaboration with their healthcare provider to achieve better health.

How can I receive this test?

Mindful DNA Professional is available for use by any healthcare provider with an individual National Provider Identifier (NPI). Patients should discuss with their providers whether the Mindful DNA Professional test is right for them. Please have your provider contact Genomind directly to order test kits and/or to receive more information about testing.

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