Empower patients

to see their health holistically, and take action to improve it

Mindful DNA® Professional is a genetic test that uses systems biology, patient individuality, and our Philosophy of Domains to analyze gene networks that influence health and wellness. The test is grounded in Genomind’s expertise in brain health and core belief in the importance of mind-body connection.

Mindful DNA Professional identifies unique genetic variations across six functional domains which influence interconnected molecular pathways critical to overall health and wellness. This systems approach avoids the shortcomings of the reductionist thinking in health genetics, allowing you to create a wellness plan for your patients that is uniquely theirs.

Simple test, fast results

Uncover potential variations in pathways critical to health and wellness

Identify health risks that may only be detectable with genetic testing

Deliver deeply personalized, integrative care to every patient

Treat health holistically, and take action to improve wellness

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