Mindful DNA® Professional Sample Results Report

The Mindful DNA Professional report aims to provide wellness providers with relevant genetic testing results to aid in guiding healthy lifestyle, diet, and supplement choices with the goal of improving overall health and wellness. Distributed among six fundamental domains, genetic testing results are displayed along with a summary of any associated impact on the patient’s health. The report includes:

  1. The Health Impact of a gene variant result
  2. Key Recommendations for each variant result
  3. The Strength of Evidence for each Key Recommendation
  4. The Domains associated with each gene
  5. The Prevalence of each genotype result
  6. The Mechanism of Action for Resilience genes and genes with no known impact

Health Opportunities Results

In instances when a genetic testing result indicates a risk to health, the summary provides evidence-based recommendations that may decrease these specific risks. In instances where the evidence indicates that a genetic testing result confers resilience, meaning decreased risk associated with a protective genotype, a short explanation is provided to describe the mechanism by which that reduced risk may occur.

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