Frequently Asked Questions for Wellness Providers

How does the Mindful DNA® Professional test work?

It is a genetic test that helps guide lifestyle, diet and/or nutritional supplement decisions to improve the overall health and wellbeing of patients.  A simple cheek swab is all that is needed for testing. The results report, based on hundreds of published studies, provides personalized, actionable information that helps patients adjust their lifestyle, habits and activities in order to improve their quality of life.  The test analyzes 32 genes in six key areas, or domains, of health: Cognition & Mental Acuity, Cardiometabolic, GI & Immune, Stress & Emotional Wellbeing, Inflammation, and Sleep. For each at-risk gene result, the test report specifies holistic steps patients can take in collaboration with their healthcare provider to achieve better health

How do I order Mindful DNA Professional for a patient?

Mindful DNA Professional is available for use by any wellness provider with an individual National Provider Identification (NPI) number. Providers may order a test kit by completing our online order form or by calling us at:

(877) 895-8658

Patients should discuss with their provider whether Mindful DNA Professional is right for them before being tested.

How quickly will I receive my patient’s test results?

The test results report will be provided to the ordering provider in approximately 8-10 business days after we have received the patient’s cheek swab sample at the lab and all paperwork and payment have been validated. Test results are available via our simple and secure online Clinician Portal.

How do I use the report?

The information presented in the Mindful DNA Professional report aims to provide patients and their providers with relevant genetic results to aid in guiding lifestyle, diet and supplement choices with the goal of improving overall health.

In instances where a genetic result indicates a risk to health, the summary provides evidence-based recommendations that may decrease these specific risks. In instances where the evidence indicates that a genetic result confers resilience, meaning decreased risk associated with a protective genotype, a short explanation is provided to describe the mechanism by which that reduced risk may occur. Genetic results with no known impact are listed at the end of the report.

What recommendations will be offered?

Mindful DNA Professional is prevention-oriented and is intended for individuals who would like to identify their genetic predispositions as a means to focus their wellness activities on those which may have the greatest impact on improving their individual health.  Recommendations focus on things within a patient’s control such as diet, lifestyle, and supplementation in order to best promote brain and body wellness.

Why did you choose to include the genes that you have in the Mindful DNA Professional test?

Our clinical research and development team has chosen to include a group of key genes to make up Mindful DNA Professional. These genes were selected based on hundreds of studies showing that variations in these genes are associated with risk of certain health conditions, or with resilience.  Mindful DNA Professional is prevention-oriented, and so particular variants were chosen for which individuals may change their behaviors, such as diet, lifestyle, and supplementation and have an impact on reducing their risk, in order to best promote overall brain and body wellness.  For a summary of the peer reviewed, published literature supporting the inclusion of these genes in our test, and also cited in every patient report, please request our White Paper/Literature Summary from our Customer Service team at

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