Meds Made Easier: 5 Tips for Tackling a Complex Medication Regimen

pill packs and pill box being filled

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that nearly 70% of American adults ages 40 to 79 have used at least one prescription medication in the last 30 days.1 That number may not be too surprising. But this one might be: More than 22% of U.S. adults have used five or more prescription medications […]

The Power of Positive Emotions — and the Upside to Negative Ones

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Think of your emotions like you would the weather: Somedays, it’s all sunshine and positivity, while others, it’s dark and gloomy. There’s a lot of in-between too. Those positive emotions can feel great, and they’re great for your health too. For example, positive emotions, especially hopefulness, have been linked to lower levels of coronary heart […]

Antipsychotics: What You Need to Know

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For decades, clinicians have been prescribing patients antipsychotic medications. Unfortunately, use of these medications has long been associated with myths, stigmas, and stereotypes. As the name implies, conventionally, people believe that anyone taking antipsychotics must have psychosis (which refers to a loss of contact with reality; typically involving delusions and/or hallucinations)1 or schizophrenia. Also among […]

6 Tips to Help You Avoid Adverse Drug Events

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Most people take their prescription medications without too much thought. You assume the medications are going to work and that your care team has prescribed you the right ones to help solve your medical needs. But for many people who take one or more prescription medications at a time, taking them could mean danger is […]

5 Most Common Myths About Mental Illness

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Here’s a staggering fact: Mental illness affects tens of millions of Americans annually, and we’ve seen the number of mental health concerns grow over the past several years. As an example, one study found 8.5% of participants were experiencing symptoms of depression back in 2017-2018. But a couple of years later, thanks in large part […]

5 Ways to Ease the Stress of Older Adult Caregiving

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If you have older family or friends who need a helping hand, you may be the one who comes to their rescue. Turns out, there are lots of kindhearted people just like you: Some 53 million Americans provide informal or unpaid care for loved ones who have disabilities.1 And the number of caregivers is expected […]

What Mental Health Has to Do with the ‘Great Resignation’

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The pandemic years have caused Americans to rethink their work-life balance in a big way. More than 4.2 million workers quit their jobs in January 2022,1 and the “Great Resignation” still seems to be charging ahead. One study found that more than a quarter of those responding to the study quit without lining up a […]

Mentally Preparing for Post-COVID Life

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The psychological impact of COVID-19 can include increased stress and anxiety. Discover some tips for life after lockdown that can help you move forward.