Now, a breakthrough that can help patients get personalized benefits.

87% OF PATIENTS who used Genomind’s services showed measurable improvement1

Genomind Professional PGx Express collects information on 24 well-characterized, well-annotated genes, making it the most comprehensive mental health genetic test available. These genes are extensively supported in peer-reviewed publications to have an impact on treatment for psychiatric conditions.

Why you should believe in our results:

  • The FDA now requires that labeling on over 260 medications should include pharmacogentic biomarker warning or precaution information due to the potential impact of certain concomitant medications on efficacy.
  • Our Lab operates under the most stringent state and federal standards for accreditation.
  • 24 Genes analyzed help inform treatment plans..

Help change lives with Genomind Professional PGx Express

  1. Brennan FX et al. A Naturalistic Study of the Effectiveness of Pharmacogenetic Testing to Guide Treatment in Psychiatric Patients with Mood and Anxiety Disorders. Primary Care Companion CNS Disorders. 2015;17(2).

Answers are just three easy steps away

Your doctor will guide you through the process of getting your Genomind Professional PGx Express results.


A simple, non-invasive cheek swab test that can be administered quickly and easily in your office.


A complimentary consultation with experts in the field of psychoparmacogenetics is available with each report.


The results report provides clear clinical implications, and may eliminate some of the trial and error during treatment planning.

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