Genes Analyzed in Genomind® Professional PGx ExpressTM

Genomind Professional PGx Express includes 24 well-characterized, well-annotated genes, extensively supported in peer-reviewed publications to affect treatment for psychiatric conditions. It includes pharmacodynamic genes, which indicate the effect a drug has on the body and can inform drug candidate selection. It also includes pharmacokinetic genes, which indicate the effect the body has on the drug via metabolism and can inform drug dosage.

The Genomind Professional PGx Express test at a Glance

This table is for information purposes only. Full lab results include reference to published literature.

As the field of psychiatry moves more towards a biologically-based science, and as we learn more about the biological basis of psychiatric illnesses and their associated treatments, pharmacogenomics will continue to be an increasingly important additional tool for providers

Stephen M. Stahl, MD, PhDAdjunct Professor of Psychiatry University of California, San Diego (UCSD) - Genomind Scientific Advisory Board Member

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