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Genomind Professional PGx Express is available for use by licensed and prescribing clinicians. Genomind Professional PGx Express is submitted for reimbursement to commercial and third-party payers, Medicare, and other government programs. Genomind has also created a Financial Assistance Program for those who qualify.

To request a Genomind Professional PGx Express test kit, please provide the required information below and we will get back to you within two business days.

To order you may also call: 877-895-8658


  1. Brennan FX et al. A Naturalistic Study of the Effectiviness of Pharmacogenetic Testing to Guide Treamtment in Psychiatric Patients with Mood and Anxiety Disorders. Primary Care Companion CNS Disorders. 2015;17(2).

I have become an avid user of the Genomind Assay® as a tool to guide me in making rational pharmacologic choices for my psychiatric patients. The kits are simple to use without bogging down my schedule. My patients are always excited to have objective information to guide our treatment choices, and I have significantly increased the number of patients in remission without resorting to polypharmacy. I would never go back to working without Genomind as a guiding light for treatment of complex patients.

Jan Maybee, PMHNPMill Street Psychiatric

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