What’s the testing process?

Help inform effective treatment in five easy steps

Genomind® Professional PGx Express TM is a pain-free cheek swab test, quickly and easily conducted in-office.

Saliva swab test

1. Collect

Patients provide cheek swab via our simple collection kit.

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2. Ship

A prepaid overnight shipping packet and barcoded requisition form are provided so the patient sample can be sent quickly and securely to our lab, at the lab’s expense.

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3. Test

Our CLIA certified lab performs our genetic testing focusing on neurotransmitter and metabolism pathways.

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4. Report

An online patient report is delivered to the ordering clinician within 3-5 days to help inform treatment decisions.

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5. Interpret

Genomind’s certified MD, PhDs, and PharmDs are available to discuss results with treating clinicians through a complimentary and optional phone consult. This individualized consult is available for every patient report.

Pharmacogenomic testing is rapidly evolving toward becoming a standard of care in psychiatry. The Genecept Assay® has been extraordinarily helpful in delivering valuable insights into providing treatments that work for our patients.

Karen Rhea, MDChief Medical Officer - Centerstone

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