Sample  Genomind® Genecept Assay® Results Report

The Genomind Genecept Assay report is intended to aid clinicians in making personalized treatment decisions tailored to a patient’s genetic background and can help to inform psychiatric treatments that:

  1. Are more likely to be effective
  2. Have lower risk for side effects and adverse events
  3. Are dosed appropriately.

Review a sample results report below, including the genetic results summary and the drug interaction summary.

Genetic Results Summary

The Genomind Genecept Assay results report includes a listing of all of the variations detected in the genes analyzed on the test. It also includes the therapeutic implications of each genetic result, potential gene-drug interactions, and the overall clinical impact of each variation detected.

Pharmacodynamic gene variations report

Drug Interaction Summary

Each patient report includes a drug interaction summary. The drug interaction summary is a guide for clinicians to help determine which therapies may be most beneficial for a patient based on the Genomind Genecept Assay results. This summary table lists medications in alphabetical order by drug class, and indicates how they are metabolized.

Drug interactions summary report

Medications fall into three categories:

  • Use as Directed: These therapies have no known gene-drug interactions to consider.
  • Therapeutic Options: These therapies are an option for the patient based on one or more genetic variations.
  • Use with Caution: These therapies may require a dose adjustment or have a higher risk of side effects or inefficacy.

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I’ve been using the Genecept Assay® for over three years and found that it helps me select the right medications for patients so that they can start feeling better more quickly.

Suzanne H. Grantham, PMHNPPsychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner