How do I get the Genomind® Genecept Assay®?

Speak to your clinician today about whether the Genomind Genecept Assay is right for you.

There are also a number of clinicians nationwide who regularly use the Genomind Genecept Assay in their practices. These Preferred Providers are among the many who use the Genomind Genecept Assay to help inform their treatment decisions. If you or a family member are interested in locating a Genomind Preferred Provider in your area, please complete the request form provided. Within two business days you will receive a listing of Preferred Providers in your area and an overview of the Genomind Genecept Assay. If your need is urgent, you may call us at (877) 895-8658.

The Genomind Genecept Assay is commercially available for use by any licensed and prescribing clinician. Patients should discuss with their clinician whether the Genomind Genecept Assay test is right for them. Only a clinician can order the Genomind Genecept Assay. You can speak to your current clinician about their willingness to order the Genomind Genecept Assay for you by using the resource below.

Talk to your doctor about the Genomind Genecept Assay today. Please click below for a resource to bring to your clinician to aid in your discussion.