No parent wants to witness their child suffering—for any reason. But mental illness can be exponentially more difficult to watch, because you can’t see or comprehend the source, as you could with a fever, for instance.

Plus, it’s tough to tell if your little one is on the mend or still suffering in silence.

Mental disorders among teens and young adults have been rising steadily for the past decade. The reasons could be environ – mental (i.e., family, school, and social media), situational (i.e., a traumatic event), physical (i.e., hormones and genetics), or a combination of these. While science tries to pinpoint the causes, consider these sobering statistics:

Dealing with a child who may have a mental illness is challenging, to be sure, but there are good options for both therapy and medication.

And remember: Seeking help sooner rather than later is more likely to lead to a successful outcome for your child and your family.

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