Genomind’s Story

We started with a vision to bring genetic insights to mental health treatment and transformed it into a revolutionary precision health platform.

A tribute to our founder

Genomind was founded over a decade ago by Dr. Ronald Dozoretz, affectionately known as Dr. D (April 1935 – May 2020). After completing his psychiatric residency at Case Western University Hospital and serving as Lieutenant Commander at the U.S. Naval Hospital in Portsmouth, Virginia, he spent his later years establishing his own psychiatric centers, hospitals and businesses dedicated to advancing the field of psychiatry through meaningful innovation and compassionate patient care. Dr. D was an early adopter of pharmacogenetics (PGx) and he believed genetics could fundamentally change how medicine is prescribed in the field of mental health. Dr. D set out to make that vision a reality by establishing Genomind as one of the first mental health focused pharmacogenetic testing services. Today, PGx is increasingly recognized as a valid and effective tool for the delivery of quality psychiatric care.

Genomind is committed to honoring his memory by continuing his mission to deliver innovative solutions to help improve patient care for mental health and beyond.

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“…less trial and error,
faster delivery of positive results”

“We aim to address the need for a better understanding of the role that genetics play in mental health and what this knowledge could do to improve outcomes from those dealing with mental health issues. This has led to tremendous advancements in streamlining treatment, resulting in less trial and error, faster delivery of positive results and in fact, saving numerous lives.

So many things in life feel like they are left to chance or beyond our control. The impact of your genetic makeup might seem to be one of these things, but that is not so! You now have the ability to learn what genetic hand you have been dealt so you and your healthcare provider can make more informed decisions about your mental health and wellness plan.”

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Our mission is to optimize the treatment experience for individuals and healthcare providers by unlocking the value of precision medicine through actionable genetic insights and innovative health technology.

Every year millions of people struggle through trial-and-error treatment or encounter preventable health complications due to adverse drug events. Annually, the societal costs to the healthcare industry are over $358 billion. Until recently, the information to help reduce guesswork, identify adverse drug events, and make personalized treatment decisions was lacking.

There is no one-size-fits all treatment, and Genomind’s platform was developed to unlock the potential of truly personalized medicine. With our comprehensive precision health platform, healthcare providers can quickly assess drug-drug, gene-drug, and drug-drug-gene interactions to deliver safer and more targeted approaches to treatment.

While our heritage is rooted in mental health PGx testing, we have grown to include a broader scope of conditions. Keeping a keen focus on the customer experience and maintaining a deep understanding of challenges faced in our health system, we create innovative solutions that make a meaningful difference in the lives of millions. Together, we can reduce costs, improve quality of care and increase patient and healthcare provider satisfaction.

That’s the science behind better.

Genomind’s ICAIRE values drive our approach to innovation

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We believe in choosing what is right over what is convenient. Trust and transparency will be the key to our mutual success.

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We will pull from each other’s strengths to enhance our capacity to problem solve and achieve the best results.

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We are responsible to uphold our commitments to our employees, partners, and patients in need of care throughout the world. 

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We will be forward-thinking to advance the science of precision medicine without pushing the boundaries of scientific limitations. 

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We will embrace our differences and share a mutual appreciation for each other’s contributions and unique perspectives.

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We will be disciplined in evidence and steadfast in our focus to deliver the highest quality of products and services.

Awards and recognition

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2021 Philadelphia Business Journal – #16
MedReps best place to work 2020 and 2017 badges
2020 & 2017 MedRep - Genomind (Small Category)
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2018 INC 5000 –- #2655 (2018)
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2018 Philadelphia 100 Award
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2017 Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 - #454

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