Gain a competitive edge with valuable precision health benefits for your employees.

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Poor employee health costs more than sick days

Absenteeism and productivity loss are often the result of employee health issues. Mental health challenges and polypharmacy are primary contributors.


is the total cost of absenteeism and lost productivity due to personal or family related health problems in the US.18


leading cause of death in injury in the US is due to adverse drug events.1

Do more for your employees

Now more than ever people are seeking employers that make their health a priority. Our platform can help employees’ providers optimize treatment and prevent adverse drug events.

Population Health Assessment

Stratify patient populations based on risk for drug-drug and potential gene-drug interactions.

Precision Medicine Software

Identify gene and drug interaction risks while dynamically adjusting to safer alternatives.

Pharmacogenetic (PGx) Testing

Assess your patient’s genetics to personalize dosing and medication choices.

Precision Medicine Consults

Access PharmD and PhD experts for training staff, consultations, and more.

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Differentiate your health benefit offerings

Precision medicine is the new standard of care. Contact us today to learn more about what our platform can do for you and your employees.

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Provide benefits that can make a meaningful impact on your employees health

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Stand out amongst other companies with unique health benefit packages

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Take steps towards improving engagement, presenteeism, and productivity

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Gain leverage to lower health plan premiums

Get guidance across numerous health conditions

Assess over 26 critical genes related to numerous health conditions and gain guidance on more than 99% of the most commonly prescribed medications.

Bipolar Disorder
Neurological Disorders
Substance Abuse
Cardiac Conditions
Chronic Pain
Infectious Disease

Improving the patient care experience

Establishing and sustaining a workplace that promotes and supports good mental health and wellbeing is good business now and in the long term.28

Deb LaMere

Chief Human Resources Officer, Datasite

Invest in a healthier future for your employees.

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