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There’s been 100% patient satisfaction. It’s changed how patients can be a part of their treatment, which is integral.

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“it gives patients more confidence”

It makes a huge difference. It gives patients more confidence to know that their therapy will not be ‘trial and error.’ It has changed the way we practice medicine.
Ashley Keays Portrait
Ashley Keays, MD

“thank you for creating this tool”

I love this test and I use it in my office with my patients often. Thank you for creating this tool for clinicians.

Nanette Ford, PA-C

“even our best guesses can be wrong”

There are so many different types of genes involved with finding the proper protocol…I’ve had patients I didn’t know could be a rapid and a slow metabolizer, which can significantly affect how I approach selecting a medication and dosage.
Thomas Valente Portrait
Thomas Valente, MD

“a reliable, consistent partner”

As we enter a new age of medicine, applying genetics and understanding more of the underpinnings of illness, it is helpful to have a reliable, consistent partner like Genomind.
Michelle Cochran, MD

“no other testing company compares”

Genomind has been a game changer in the field of pharmacogenetics. No other testing company compares when it comes to educating providers and patients.
Len Getz Portrait

“a roadmap to help with making treatment decisions”

It’s like having a roadmap to help with making treatment decisions… As important as finding the ‘right’ medication is avoiding going down the wrong path with a medication that could worsen a related condition…Knowing [their genetic profile] allows me to provide a family with more tailored medication treatment options.
Mark A. Novitsky Jr., MD

“I’ve seen genetic testing change people’s lives”

[Genomind PGx] is a great tool that helps us make strategic decisions. I’ve seen genetic testing change people’s lives.
Gregory Cooper Portrait
Gregory D. Cooper, APRN-BC

“remarkably validating for patients”

The harm to benefit ratio seems very low, and patients have objective evidence that their symptoms are based in biology, not their character. This can be remarkably validating for patients.
Karen Horst, MD

“easy to understand”

[the consult] made things easy to understand and the MSL was so knowledgeable. It helped me find the language to use with my client.

Lee Anne Horn, PMHNP-BC

“approach treatment from an alternative perspective”

I find Genomind testing especially useful when a patient has failed two drug classes. In combination with an expert consultation, genetic markers allow me to approach treatment from an alternative perspective.
Crystal Clark, MSN, APN, FNP-C

“most extensive tool I’ve ever used”

It’s the most extensive tool I’ve ever used in terms of identifying potential side effects and effective treatments.

Elaine Hardy, NP

“extraordinarily helpful”

The Genomind PGx test has been extraordinarily helpful in delivering valuable insights into providing treatments that work for our patients.
Karen Rhea, MD

“a more personalized and informed approach to treatment”

Knowing how a patient metabolizes drugs means a more personalized and informed approach to treatment.
Jay Fawver Portrait
Jay Fawver, MD

“helped me gain the patients’ trust”

Having the Genomind results and expert support not only helped me better analyze the treatment options but also helped me gain the patients’ trust.
Natalie Kollasch Portrait
Natalie Kollasch, PNP

“helps to support compliance”

Why I love Genomind…It helps to support compliance as patients & families can see, for example, ‘I am an ultra rapid metabolizer; therefore, I may need a slightly higher dose.’ I also appreciate the pharmacology consultations, as they are always informative.

Sheila Griinke, DO