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Provide unmatched quality care for your Medicare populations with Genomind’s precision health technology.

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Manage your most complex polypharmacy patients

Seniors are often most at risk for adverse drug reactions (ADEs)
due to polypharmacy, metabolic changes, and reductions in drug clearance associated with aging.

1 in 2

adults 65+ are on five or more medications and 41% of people have four or more comorbid conditions.15, 16


is the average annual cost associated with ADEs alone, which is greater than the total cost of cardiovascular or diabetic care.13

Medication management made easy

Medication errors and adverse drug events are some of the leading causes of quality issues amongst seniors. Genomind has the tools to help you better manage risk.

Population Health Assessment

Stratify patient populations based on risk for drug-drug and potential gene-drug interactions.

Precision Medicine Software

Identify gene and drug interaction risks while dynamically adjusting to safer alternatives.

Pharmacogenetic (PGx) Testing

Assess your patient’s genetics to personalize dosing and medication choices.

Precision Medicine Consults

Access PharmD and PhD experts for training staff, consultations, and more.

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Differentiate your organization with precision technology

Bring added value to your patients and your affiliate healthcare organizations with tools that can help you reduce risk and costs.

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Reduce costs and improve quality of care by identifying patients or population subsets at greatest risk

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Easily manage patients with complex polypharmacy with genetic data

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Continually monitor large populations as medication profiles change

Easily integrate with health systems through our numerous EMR partnerships

Get guidance across numerous health conditions

Assess 24 critical genes related to the treatment of numerous health conditions, and gain guidance on more than 99% of the most commonly prescribed medications.

Bipolar Disorder
Neurological Disorders
Substance Abuse
Cardiac Conditions
Chronic Pain
Infectious Disease

Get started today

We’ll work with you to customize a plan and a set of solutions that fit the unique needs of your care organization.

Improving the patient care experience

I have significantly increased the number of patients in remission without resorting to polypharmacy. I would never go back to working without Genomind as a guiding light for treatment of complex patients.
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Jan Maybee, FNP, PMHNP

Mill Street Psychiatric

Managing medication risk is only a click away.

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