Precision Medicine
Software: GenMedPro™

Analyze complex gene-drug and drug-drug interactions simultaneously to better manage your patient’s full medication plan.

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Providers often only have a piece of the puzzle

Understanding both gene-drug and drug-drug interaction risk can help to avoid potentially harmful adverse drug events and help prevent adherence issues.

Up to 40%

of people are poor or ultra rapid metabolizers of common medications based on their unique genotype.7


of potentially serious pharmacokinetic drug-drug interactions are often missed if you only focus on genotype.8

Get a more complete understanding of your patient

With access to critical metabolism, absorption, and sensitivity information, providers can fill critical data gaps and more easily optimize treatment.

Address the blind spot of phenoconversion with pharmacokinetic guidance
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Interpret data, identify safety issues, and provide optimal medication alternatives with automation
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Account for the influence of multiple drug metabolism pathways and drug duplications
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Support complex patients requiring polypharmacy with interaction guidance on over 99% of the most commonly prescribed medications

How it works

After you register with Genomind you will gain access to our Precision Health Platform
to utilize this tool at no additional cost to you.

Dynamically adjust medication plans with ease

Your patient’s PGx results and medication profiles will pre-populate in our GenMedPro™ software, so you can make decisions quickly and reduce unintended risks.

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Manage all your patient results in a single view

  • Use our multiple filtering options to quickly find patients
  • Easily target patients with potential risk
  • Get updates and tracking on testing status

Get a holistic view of your patients' results

  • Access your patient’s detailed and summarized results
  • Schedule a consult with our pharmacogenetic experts
  • Add or change medications with our search tool
  • Adjust for environmental factors like smoking or coffee consumption
  • Quickly find medications that require adjustments
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Select safer therapeutic options in a single click

  • Reduce risk by selecting safer alternative options
  • Access up-to-date clinical guidelines and references
  • Understand interaction details in a snackable summary
Genomind’s precision software helps me quickly analyze complex genetic and medication interactions. It is an incredibly useful tool to help me make better and safer medication choices.
Ben Weinstein, MD

Chair of Psychiatry, C. James and Carole Walter Looke Presidential Distinguished Centennial Clinical Academic Scholar in Behavioral Health, Houston Methodist

Manage medications with precision.

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