Access Genomind pharmacogenetic
testing services anywhere in the world,
through any healthcare provider.


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We partner with individuals and healthcare providers around the world to offer Genomind pharmacogenetic (PGx) testing services to individuals outside of the US.

There’s a better way to get better

Genomind’s genetic testing and clinical support tools are designed to help your provider make more-informed treatment decisions.

Reduce the process of trial and error by giving your provider new information that can narrow down medication options

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Avoid potentially harmful medication or gene-related interactions that can cause unwanted side effects
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Help your provider identify medication options and dosing that is more tailored to your body
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Save money and emotional strain due to additional healthcare visits, wasted medications, and more

Pharmacogenetic (PGx) Testing

Access comprehensive genetic insights on 26 genes and over 135 medications.

Receive fast and accurate processing. Samples are collected easily via a cheek swab and processed with 99.9% laboratory accuracy.

Precision Medicine Consults

Join complimentary expert consults offered to your clinician to help them interpret and maximize the utility of your results.

Precision Medicine Software

Your healthcare provider can dynamically adjust your treatment regimen to account for your environment and lifestyle, as well as drug-drug and drug-gene interactions.

Getting started with Genomind is easy

We require that you work with a licensed clinician, but the ordering provider can be a primary care or family practice clinician or a specialist.
If you go through one of our partner practices, your process will look slightly different. We will provide information on next steps for you and put you in contact with your local Genomind representative when you register.

International healthcare providers

We work with clinicians and institutions worldwide to easily facilitate testing services for your practice or your patients.
Finding the right combination of medicines became really simple.
Betsy R., Genomind PGx Patient

Unlock a better path forward.

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