Precision medicine is complex. Applying it shouldn’t be. Genomind brings an added dimension to your treatment algorithm in a few easy steps.

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Prescribe with confidence

Genetics is evolving how we prescribe medicine, but feeling comfortable with new competencies can feel overwhelming. Genomind is looking to change that.


of patients’ results positively influence the clinician’s confidence.5


of patients’ medication plans were influenced or changed based on the results.5

Turn genetic data into actionable insights

In a fragmented healthcare system, we need solutions to bring critical treatment data together seamlessly.

Pharmacogenetic (PGx) Testing

Assess your patient’s genetics to personalize dosing and medication choices.

Precision Medicine Software

Identify gene and drug interaction risks while dynamically adjusting to safer alternatives.

Precision Medicine Consults

Access PharmD and PhD experts for training staff, consultations, and more.

Population Health Assessment

Stratify patient populations based on risk for drug-drug and potential gene-drug interactions.

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Get a more complete picture of your patients

Understand more about your patient to make precision treatment a standard of care.

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Aggregate critical treatment insights in one place to make decisions faster

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Prevent drug and gene related interactions before they happen

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Assess genetic data to individualize treatment to the patient

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Validate your patient’s past experiences and provide hope for better outcomes

Get guidance across numerous health conditions

Assess over 24 genes related to the treatment of numerous health conditions, and gain guidance on more than 99% of the most commonly prescribed medications.

Bipolar Disorder
Neurological Disorders
Substance Abuse
Cardiac Conditions
Chronic Pain
Infectious Disease

Implement into your workflow with ease

We make it easy to personalize treatment and prevent interaction risk. Learn how we can help you and your care team get started today.

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Improving the patient care experience

Genomind takes some of the guesswork out of treatment decisions, helping to avoid medication failures, lower than desired medication responses, and unwanted side effects making it a win-win for patients and providers.


Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner and Owner at Getz Internal Medicine & Behavioral Services

Unlock the potential of precision medicine today.

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