Combine our pharmacogenetic (PGx) testing and precision medicine software (GenMedPro™) to personalize care for your patients.

What is pharmacogenomics?

Pharmacogenomics (also referred to as pharmacogenetics, or PGx) is a field of study combining the science of pharmacology and genomics and explores how an individual’s genetics may influence their response to drugs.  

PGx is one aspect of precision medicine – a model that emphasizes personalized care plans based on specific patient characteristics, such as one’s genotype. In that way, pharmacogenetic testing may provide additional evidence and insight into medication response variability. PGx testing is utilized as an informative tool when considering treatment options or individualizing dosing. 

This field cannot determine “the perfect drug.” However, in conjunction with clinical judgment and reviewing the patient’s current symptoms, past treatment response, family history and treatment goals, clinicians can utilize PGx to make more robust and informed treatment decisions for their patients. 

Get a more complete picture of your patients

Understand more about your patient to make precision treatment a standard of care.

Access comprehensive genetic insights of 26 genes to individualize treatment for your patient

Enjoy fast, easy and accurate processing – painless cheek swab collection and results in 3-5 days with 99.9% laboratory accuracy

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Gain guidance on over 1,000 medications in GenMedPro™ – Precision Medicine Software

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Validate your patient’s past experiences and provide hope for better outcomes

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Seamlessly incorporate into your care model with flexible collection options – keep test kits on hand or send directly to patients

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Offer payment options that work for your patients – HSA/FSA eligible, flexible payment plans, and patient assistance

What makes us different: GenMedPro™

Our Precision Medicine Software is a powerful solution that can be used at the point of care to help optimize prescribing decisions.

Apply precision medicine with confidence

Genetics is evolving how we prescribe, and understanding new technologies can feel overwhelming. Our expert team of PhDs and PharmDs is available to help you maximize the utility of our platform.

Get individual 1:1 support interpreting test results or using our software

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Ask in depth questions about the science or application of insights

Implement into your workflow with ease

We make it easy to personalize treatment and prevent interactions risk and can integrate with various EMR/EHR partnersGenomind handles the billing process with your patient from start to finish. Learn more about what your patient can expect.

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Get guidance across numerous health conditions

Genomind has worked over the last decade to optimize PGx guidance for mental health care, in parallel with advancements in pharmacogenetics. Now, our PGx report and associated guidance can inform on more specialty areas:



Primary Care

Pain Management




Infectious Disease

Ongoing education to enhance your practice: Genomind 360

Learn virtually and at your own pace through our education platform, Genomind 360.

Genomind takes some of the guesswork out of treatment decisions, helping to avoid medication failures, lower than desired medication responses, and unwanted side effects making it a win-win for patients and providers.


Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner and Owner at Getz Internal Medicine & Behavioral Services

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