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Give your members access to precision health benefits that can improve the patient experience and reduce preventable healthcare costs.

Prevent harm and reduce healthcare costs

Every year millions of people are harmed due to adverse drug events, and 52% of outpatient incidences were deemed preventable.


physician visits, 2.2 million hospital admissions, and 1 million emergency room visits are accounted for every year due to adverse drug events.17


is the average annual cost associated with ADEs alone, which is greater than the total cost of cardiovascular or diabetic care.13

Improving the treatment experience

We equip healthcare providers and large health institutions with tools, technology, and expert support, helping them manage risk and make more informed treatment decisions.

Population Health Assessment

Stratify patient populations based on risk for drug-drug and potential gene-drug interactions.

Precision Medicine Software

Identify gene and drug interaction risks while dynamically adjusting to safer alternatives.

Pharmacogenetic (PGx) Testing

Assess your patient’s genetics to personalize dosing and medication choices.

Precision Medicine Consults

Access PharmD and PhD experts for training staff, consultations, and more.

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Genetic science unlocks new possibilities

For years healthcare providers have been missing a critical piece of the puzzle: a patient’s genetics. Genomind brings medication management into a new era of precision.

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Scale down healthcare expenses for you and your members
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Reduce preventable hospitalizations and emergency room visits
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Prevent potentially harmful adverse drug events
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Help improve the overall treatment experience

Get guidance across numerous health conditions

Your provider can assess 26 genes related to the treatment of numerous health conditions and guidance on more than 99% of the most commonly prescribed medications.

Bipolar Disorder
Neurological Disorders
Substance Abuse
Cardiac Conditions
Chronic Pain
Infectious Disease

Improving the patient care experience

The use of precision medicine in primary care settings creates the biggest potential to improve short and long term outcomes for individuals and lower overall costs.
David Nash Portrait

David B. Nash, MD, MBA

Founding Dean Emeritus and the Dr. Raymond C. & Doris Grandon Professor
of Health Policy at Thomas Jefferson University and the Jefferson College of Population Health

Invest in a healthier future.

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