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Patient and Caregiver FAQs

Costs vary depending on the insurance you have. Medicare and participating Medicaid states pay $0. You can use funds from a Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Savings Account (FSA). We offer payment options and plans if you decide not to use insurance, pay out-of-pocket, or are uninsured. Contact your insurance company to understand your coverage. Learn more on our Cost and Coverage page.

*If you are outside the U.S., fill out this form, and a member of our team will contact you with cost information.

Once we receive your sample, we will file an insurance claim on your behalf. If your insurance denies coverage, Genomind will file an appeal to pursue coverage on your behalf with your insurance company. We may need to contact you or your physician during the appeal process, and we won’t bill you for services not allowed by your insurance company. You may receive an EOB (explanation of benefits) from your insurance company to explain the claim denial. If you have more questions, please contact us at (844) 217-5017.

You or your provider may contact your insurance plan and submit a prior authorization before testing.

A prior authorization is not a guarantee of insurance coverage, so even if a prior authorization is obtained, you may be responsible for out-of-pocket cost. 

Genomind is prescription only which means you need to work with a licensed healthcare provider to get started.

Have a provider?

Ask your provider about PGx testing (download our guide for starting the conversation). If your provider has never used Genomind (or any precision health platform) before, our expert staff is available by appointment to answer any questions. Registration is fast, easy, and free, and the provider may have access to Genomind through their existing system. You can start the process on our Get Started page, simply indicate that you have a provider.

Need a provider?

We can connect you to a clinician registered for Genomind PGx services. Fill out the form on our Get Started page, indicating that you need a provider.

Genomind PGx is a safe and painless cheek swab test. Your healthcare provider can order your test to be delivered directly to your home or collected in their office. If your clinician chooses to deliver to your home, you will receive an email to complete your online registration which includes payment if required. Once your registration and payment are received, we will ship the kit to you via two-day shipping. Once our lab receives your sample, we may contact you if additional information is required. After your paperwork and insurance are validated, test results are reported within 3-5 business days. Results are sent to you via Gateway Portal and your clinician via our online Clinician Portal. Results for individuals with traditional Medicare may take up to ten business days.

We don’t test for disease risks or help understand your family tree. Our solutions assist providers in evaluating and personalizing treatment by providing information on how a patient’s particular genetic profile interacts with medications. Unlike other pharmacogenetic tests, Genomind PGx offers a complete set of tools, technology, and expert consultations, to help personalize treatment.

A group of world-renowned scientists committed to compassionate care and psychiatric innovation founded Genomind over a decade ago. To learn more, read our Science page.

Genomind is committed to protecting your personal private health information. We abide by all required HIPAA and GINA practices. The ordering clinician communicates test results unless the patient authorizes additional clinicians to receive their information. For more information, please see our complete Privacy Policy.

Genomind pharmacogenetic (PGx) testing and services don’t diagnose or provide a genetic risk assessment of any disease, condition, or ailment. For more information on the insights provided by pharmacogenetic testing, visit this page.

Yes! Our precision medicine software provides your clinician with an analysis of potential gene-drug and drug-drug interactions (how your body might respond to drugs and how medications might interact with each other) for 99% of the most prescribed medications. This information can help your provider evaluate options when considering supplements, vitamins, and other OTC medications.

Healthcare Provider FAQs

Our 26 gene panel reflects the latest FDA prescribing guidelines and a consensus among the most respected pharmacogenetic consortiums. We provide guidance on genes with the highest evidence ratings derived from hundreds of clinical trials where applicable. The report and clinical decision support tool provides direct access to these published guidance documents.

The Genomind pharmacogenetic assay is commercially available to any licensed, prescribing clinician. To order a test kit, first complete this form. Then, our team will contact you with more information. Once you have received your Genomind Clinician Portal login, you can have the test kit shipped to your office or directly to your patient’s home.

If you are a practicing clinician outside of the U.S., follow the same steps as outlined above. However, the process may look slightly different. 

Yes. Please see our Partners page for information on which EMR systems integrate with Genomind. If your EMR system is not listed, it may be in the process of being added. Please contact us to inquire about the status.

Costs vary depending on the insurance plan. Medicare and participating Medicaid states pay $0. Patients can use funds from a Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Savings Account (FSA). We offer payment options and plans if a patient can’t use insurance, pay out-of-pocket or, are uninsured. Ask your patients to contact their insurance company to understand the coverage. Learn more on our Cost and Coverage page.

After receiving the patient’s cheek swab sample at our laboratory and all insurance information and paperwork has been validated, you can access test results through our secure online Clinician Portal within three to five business days. Results for individuals with Traditional Medicare may take up to ten business days to be reported.

Genomind’s PGx report does not make treatment recommendations. The results offer guidance about your patient’s genetic makeup, potential neurochemistry, and insights related to drug metabolism, absorption, and penetration. With our precision medicine software, you can also evaluate drug-drug and drug-gene interactions. This information, along with your patient’s medical history and current condition, helps you tailor prescribing and treatment decisions. Your knowledge and expertise should always be the ultimate driver.

We recommend using our consultative services and Precision Medicine Software (both available at no cost) to get the most from the results.

Yes, included with every test is access to Precision Medicine Consultations with Genomind’s pharmacogenetic experts. You’ll also access our continued education platform, Genomind 360, which provides a rich library of resources regarding PGx testing, our software, and more.

Our PGx panel is the most advanced and comprehensive panel on the market, covering 26 genes, and 130+ medications, including the latest FDA-approved treatment options, and medications involved in treating ADHD – something most pharmacogenetic tests do not cover!

That assessment spans more than many of our leading competitors.

Additionally, Genomind software integrates with many EMR systems so that you can order kits sent to your office or your patients’ homes. Test kits are shipped via two-day shipping, and we provide a return shipping label at no additional cost. Once we receive a patient’s sample, we test it twice to ensure 99.9% laboratory accuracy. You’ll receive results within three to five business days on our Clinician Portal. Results for individuals with Traditional Medicare may take up to ten business days to be reported. Consultations with our dedicated clinical staff help you navigate test results. Our Precision Medicine Software lets you evaluate safer prescribing options with speed and precision – critical for polypharmacy patient populations. For more information, see our Solutions page.

Our laboratory is a CLIA/CAP-certified facility, which means it meets the federal quality guidelines for laboratory testing standards. We abide by all required HIPAA and GINA practices. We don’t share patients’ identifiable Genomind PGx data without their consent (except in the instance of a court order or as otherwise required by law). Read our full Privacy Policy for more information.

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