Give your provider genetic guidance that can improve the course of treatment for you or your loved ones.
pharmacogenetic testing

Medications are not

The traditional process of treatment by trial and error has contributed to preventable side effects and many will abandon treatment altogether as a result.


medications contain FDA warnings, dosage recommendations or drug-drug interaction guidance based on specific gene variants.9


people are injured every year due to medication errors.14

Hope and healing
is in our DNA

Your body has a unique way of responding to and processing medications based on your DNA.

Our solutions have the potential to help you and your healthcare provider identify safer medication options, personalize dosing, and prevent potentially harmful interactions.

Precision Medicine Software

Identify gene and drug interaction risks while dynamically adjusting to safer alternatives.

Pharmacogenetic (PGx) Testing

Understand your genetics to help your provider personalize dosing and medication choices.

Precision Medicine Consults

Join PhD and PharmD expert consultations with your provider to help maximize the utility of your results.

Unlock a better path forward

Genomind’s genetic testing and clinical support tools are designed to help your provider make more-informed treatment decisions.

Reduce the process of trial and error by giving your provider new information that can narrow down medication options
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Avoid potentially harmful medication or gene-related interactions that can cause unwanted side effects
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Help your provider identify medication options and dosing that is more tailored to your body
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Save money and emotional strain due to additional healthcare visits, wasted medications, and more

Get guidance across numerous health conditions

Your provider can assess 24 genes related to the treatment of numerous health conditions and guidance on more than 99% of the most commonly prescribed medications.
Bipolar Disorder
Neurological Disorders
Substance Abuse
Cardiac Conditions
Chronic Pain
Infectious Disease

Getting started is easy

The process varies slightly depending on whether you order Ship-to-Patient testing or In-Office testing. See below for details.

How it works via ship-to-patient

  1. Order. Provider places the order to send a test kit to your home
  2. Register. You receive a link via email to complete registration and payment before the test kit ships
  3. Ship. Genomind mails test kit to your home address
  4. Return. You collect the sample and return it to Genomind via priority label included inside test kit
  5. Results. Your results are provided to your provider within 3-5 business days

*Results for individuals with Traditional Medicare may take up to 10 business days to be reported

Genomind® ship-to-patient testing process circle of icons
Genomind in-office testing process circle of icons

How it works via in-office testing

  1. Order. Provider uses a test kit from their office
  2. Swab. Provider collects a sample during your visit
  3. Return. Provider’s office returns the sample to Genomind via priority label included inside test kit
  4. Payment. You receive a payment link via email before processing test results
  5. Results. After payment is complete, results are provided to your provider within 3-5 business days

Improving the patient care experience

Committed to delivering
fast and accurate results

Our certified genetics laboratories exceed the highest federal certification standards. Every sample is tested twice to ensure a 99.9% lab accuracy.

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Protecting your data is our top priority

There is nothing more personal than your DNA and health information.  We implement various safeguard protocols to ensure your data is under your control.
  • We follow all HIPAA and HITECH compliance regulations
  • We do not share nor sell your identifiable data or DNA without your explicit consent
  • We secure your information on hardened servers with crypto-security
  • Opt to have your sample deleted once results are reported
After 10 years of trying the wrong medications this saved my life. Thank you.

Lauren M.

Get started on a better path to recovery today.

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