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Navigating Mental Health Understanding in a Marriage

married couple navigating life holding hands

This married couple argued regularly and bitterly, about almost every topic – children, family and even their emotions.

“Many of their arguments stemmed from a deeper, unspoken disagreement: they had very different views on mental illness. “

The wife viewed her mood swings, depression and challenges with executive function as a biological condition that needed attention and treatment. The husband saw her mental disorders as excessively emotional and a failure of the will that could be fixed with effort.

Dr. Bruce A Kehr, a psychiatrist at Potomac Psychiatry, ordered genetic testing and found a clear genetic vulnerability for the wife’s disorders, as well as guidance for precise medication and related treatments to give her relief. The husband continued to berate her even as she slowly healed.

“Beliefs are so extremely personal, and he had to face the fact that his wife was a changed person all thanks to a genetic test.”

How will Dr. Kehr handle a partner who thinks his spouse’s ongoing issues are her own fault?

Can this marriage be saved, and how?

Find out on Dr. Kehr’s blog.

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