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Genomind Patient Gateway Launches as an Easy Way to Access Patient Education and Track Health

KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa. — Feb. 20, 2018 — People who want to learn more about mental health, wellness and genetics have a safe and secure new tool that can enhance their lives. The Genomind Patient Gateway, from the company that introduced the Genecept Assay® genetic test, offers multiple benefits to those who sign up at no cost.

The Patient Gateway is a comprehensive health-monitoring and educational platform that is designed to help users better understand and manage their health. Users who volunteer to provide their personal data in the platform will also be helping researchers gain insights into health conditions such as depression and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

The web-based application holds appeal for patients such as Kristen Davis of Washington, D.C., an advocate for the Patient Gateway after she was administered the Genecept Assay by her clinician. Genecept is a genetic test that helped Davis’ psychiatrist optimize treatment decisions for her as she manages mental illness.

“The Patient Gateway is really an interesting way to record my emotions, weight and even sleep patterns,” says Davis. “I especially appreciate the news and information in the resource section. The way we can help researchers better understand the mind and body is by participating in technology such as this.”

The Genomind Patient Gateway offers:

  • Personal Trackers: Visitors can easily record and update their overall feelings, sleep, smoking and weight trackers in the Gateway as often as they like. This can help them see trends over time, which may help them better understand their health and the conditions they are managing.
  • Resources: Educational materials related to genetics and health are readily accessible to enable patients to better understand their overall health and how to make healthy choices. These materials can also enable patients to have more meaningful conversations with their clinicians.
  • Medication and Condition Diaries: These help people keep track of all the medications they have taken and are taking, including any side effects they experience. Users can access and update the medication list at any time, including when they meet with their clinician. They can also create a condition list to keep diagnoses up to date.
  • Genomind Reports: Patients who have been tested by their clinician using a Genomind test can view and download their test results report.

The Genomind Patient Gateway is fully compliant with the company’s privacy and security procedures. Genomind, which has won numerous awards for its advancements, sees the Patient Gateway as the latest example of how it’s committed to partnering with clinicians and patients to improve lives.

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