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Genomind Releases Mental Health Map Consumer DNA Test

brain with heptagons of 7 areas of mental health: sleep, focus & memory, stress & anxiety, eating behavior, mood, social behavior, habits & substance use

A breakthrough in the translation of genetic mechanisms and traits that can influence a person’s behavioral predispositions, Genomind Mental Health Map provides the starting point to empower consumers to take action towards better mental health and wellness
Genomind’s proprietary ‘7 Core Genetic Mental Health Capabilities’ applies Company’s scientific and clinical expertise to curate the world’s most robust mental wellness action plan based on genetics
Enables access to resources, tools, and recommendations from advocacy groups including The National Alliance on Mental Illness, Mental Health America, Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance and The American Lung Association

KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa., June 24, 2020 – Genomind®, a leading mental health company, today announced the official launch of Genomind® Mental Health Map™. This unique product is the most comprehensive direct-to-consumer test focused solely on genetics, traits, and predispositions associated with mental health and wellness. Genomind has curated an extensive portfolio of mental health-related genetics expertise to develop the framework for Genomind Mental Health Map, employing several hundred clinically and scientifically supported sources, including genome-wide association studies (GWAS) and candidate gene association studies.

Organized around Genomind’s proprietary ‘7 Core Genetic Mental Health Capabilities™’, the test analyzes 38 genetic variants and their influence on 29 mental health traits. The result is an interactive report that details 59 possible behavioral predispositions specific to each user’s genetic profile, along with resources and actionable recommendations shown to improve wellness and quality of life. Genomind Mental Health Map is the only DNA test in the consumer market with a specific focus on mental health and wellness.

“There’s no question that genetics plays an integral role in mental health. The ability to now translate those insights into daily guidance for an individual could yield tremendous benefits for those who want to understand how their genes affect their predispositions to a range of behavioral and mental wellness factors, as well as the steps they can take to improve their overall quality of life,” said Stephen Stahl, MD, PhD, Chairman of Neuroscience Education Institute. “By organizing the report around 7 Genetic Mental Health Capabilities, Genomind has made this both informative and actionable, empowering those with a starting point for understanding how they are hardwired, and resources for optimizing their wellness journey.”

Because no prescription is required, consumers can conduct the test on their own by self-administering a cheek swab to provide a DNA sample and returning it to Genomind in a pre-paid container. Within a few days of receiving the sample, Genomind provides results via an interactive online report, with a secure encrypted connection, that is specific to each user’s individual genetic profile. The results are organized around Genomind’s ‘7 Core Genetic Mental Health Capabilities:’

  • Stress and Anxiety (stress response, anxiety, and adaptability)
  • Mood (temperament, outlook, emotional vulnerability, and mood stability)
  • Focus and Memory (working memory, long-term memory, focus, and attention)
  • Substance Use and Habits (habit-forming potential and effects of alcohol, nicotine, and marijuana)
  • Sleep (sleep cycle, how easily you fall asleep, sleeping behavior, and daytime energy levels)
  • Social Behavior (self-perception, social perception, and need for social connection)
  • Eating Behavior (eating patterns, triggers, food selectivity, and preferences)

The following advocacy groups have agreed to include access to their educational resources within Genomind Mental Health Map: The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), Mental Health America (MHA), Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA), Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (CHADD), and the American Lung Association (ALA).

“Our mission as a leading mental health company is to empower people to improve their mental health and wellness with genetics-based insights. This requires an evolution in mental health care that is driven by innovative precision technologies,” said Shawn Patrick O’Brien, Chief Executive Officer at Genomind. “We created Mental Health Map to translate complex science into relatable knowledge. This tool provides a roadmap of actionable information that helps individuals gain better control over their unique mental health and wellness needs.”

Results are based on an analysis of the relationship between traits and genetic mechanisms, which can impact behavioral predispositions. For example, within the ‘Focus and Memory Capability,’ the test examines the expression of genes CACNA1C and ANK3, which influence levels of brain cell signaling. This signaling impacts an individual’s ability to focus. Certain genetic variants can lead to excessive or altered activity, which may be associated with a predisposition toward inattentiveness and distractibility. If the test finds that an individual has these predispositions, it provides information on influencing brain cell signaling, such as dietary changes and supplements, as well as access to educational materials from CHADD. However, this lifestyle test is limited to mental wellness uses, and does not provide diagnostic or risk assessment information for any mental health diseases or disorders, such as ADHD.

Genomind Mental Health Map also includes consultations with Genomind BrainTrust™, a team of specially trained advisors who can answer questions about the test results and the related action plans to improve mental well-being. Genomind uses a proprietary TRI-LOCK™ safeguard protocol to ensure the safety of genetic data and personal information.

“We are facing an unprecedented mental health crisis that has been further aggravated by the COVID-19 pandemic. During this time, the more information and resources that are available to those concerned about their own mental wellness, or that of their loved ones, the more opportunities we have to improve outcomes,” said Paul Gionfriddo, President & CEO of Mental Health America (MHA). “We are supportive of innovations that may be able to identify areas of relevant concern for an individual, and pinpoint specific behaviors that can support mental wellness and overall quality of life.”

“We welcome innovations that support people on their mental health journey, especially those that offer practical advice and are well-grounded in science,” said Michael Pollock, CEO of the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA). “These innovations hold the promise of helping people find wellness solutions that are highly effective for their individual needs. Our hope is that this new breakthrough will make a vital difference in the lives of many.”

Genomind Mental Health Map is available now at, and soon at major e-retailers including and Genomind Mental Health Map does not require a prescription and it does not inform on medications.

About Genomind Mental Health Map

Genomind Mental Health Map is a purposefully designed, expertly curated genetics-based precision service that unlocks how individual genes may impact mental health and wellness. Organized around Genomind’s proprietary ‘7 Core Genetic Mental Health Capabilities,’ this direct-to-consumer test analyzes 29 mental health-related traits and 38 genetic variants, which can impact 59 behavioral predispositions. It provides a concise, easy-to-navigate report that summarizes predispositions based on the user’s genetic profile, along with actionable tools and resources to support a lifetime of insights and solutions to manage and improve mental health and wellness. This lifestyle test is not intended to help diagnose or treat any disease or other medical condition, nor is it intended to provide a genetic health risk assessment for any diseases or conditions.

About Genomind

Genomind is a leading mental health company singularly focused on filling the innovation gap in mental health care through novel, genetics-based tools that bring mental health into the era of personalized medicine. Its flagship product, Genomind Professional PGx, is a pharmacogenetic testing service that helps medical professionals guide patients’ mental health treatment. The Company recently launched Genomind Mental Health Map – a direct-to-consumer test that enables a better understanding of the biological basis of mental health, coupled with actionable guidance to help people improve health and wellness. Supported by a world-class genetics lab, a unique heritage of clinical mental health expertise, and a consultative approach, Genomind is advancing a new paradigm of precision medicine in mental health care. Learn more at

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