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Can Genes Help to Move Beyond Mental Health Conditions?

DNA helix with concerned men behind it

Jimmy comes to Potomac Psychiatry at his wife’s insistence. He is depressed with racing thoughts and is disparaging of his family. He is diagnosed with Bipolar Depression.

“Modifying the expression of CACNA1C and related genes can help you recover from Bipolar Depression.”

Jimmy revealed he was in a deep depression, no longer able to work. He spent hours on gambling websites. Substance abuse was a daily issue, as it had been in his past. Further, Jimmy reported a family history of bipolar disorder. He was resigned to his symptoms and didn’t think anything could help.

Psychiatrist Dr. Bruce A. Kehr ordered a mental health DNA test to help guide precise treatment regimens. Through the process of genetic testing and managing the expression of certain genes, Jimmy discovered he was so much more than his disease.

Learn how Genomind’s genetic testing helped inform treatment of Bipolar Disorder.

Read the full story on Dr. Kehr’s blog.

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