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Changing the Stigma Around Men’s Mental Health with Photography

older man pensive on couch

“Rub some dirt on it.” “Man up.” “Walk it off.” These refrains are often directed at men from a young age, teaching them to shelve their emotions and appear strong.

The American Psychological Association found that 30.6% of men have suffered from depression in their lifetime, and only 1 in 4 men speak to mental health professionals. To help change the perception of masculinity and encourage men to openly discuss their mental health, Heads Up Guys curated a collection of photographs from male artists who have experienced depression.

The photographers used their personal experiences to share powerful messages on why it’s important for everyone, especially men, to remember that they can talk about their mental health and reach out for help.

“By reaching out to those in our lives, we can allow them to provide us a chance to help care for and guide us through the difficulties we may be experiencing,” wrote Joel Robison, a conceptual photographer from Canada.

The featured photographers are from around the world, demonstrating that depression is a global issue that still faces a stigma. 

“There’s always someone you could talk to. Often closer than you think,” wrote Adam Hague, a conceptual self portrait artist and photographer from Brunei and the U.K.

During Men’s Health Month in June, take the time to learn about life-saving resources and read other stories from men who are dealing with depression. Take action to help challenge the men’s mental health stigma.

View the photos on Huffington Post.

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