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Examining the DNA of Emotional Health

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Psychiatrist and author, Dr. Bruce A Kehr flexes his Shakespearean muscles and asks, “What’s in a name?” In psychology, that means when we finally name our issue, we can use our awareness to resolve the problem.

“Naming something empowers us to reflect—and it empowers us to assess what may need to change.”

When a patient recognizes signs of depression in their own emotional life, Dr Kehr assesses them holistically. Mental and physical assessments, and even a simple cheek swab for DNA, are used to learn how the patient’s personal genome influences their mental health status.

Dr Kehr practices Precision Psychiatry and recommends a DNA test to assess every patient’s mental health or “brain health” genes.

How can genes unlock your best mental and emotional health?

Learn more on Dr. Kehr’s blog.

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