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Genetic Testing Guides a Veteran’s Depression Recovery

veteran recovering saluting outside

A soldier carried the weight of his sacrifice—and the scars from childhood trauma.

“Doc, being in the military has done a number on a lot of my friends, and me too. I haven’t felt good in a long, long time.”

Steve had suffered from depression since childhood, stemming from a painful relationship with his father. Intense losses during combat triggered his deep trauma again. At home, running his complex company had become increasingly stressful, causing Steve to become withdrawn from friends and family. He was actively considering resigning from his leadership position.

Steve recognized that his depression symptoms were growing more severe and reached out for help before losing his business, family…and maybe more.

As a first step, Dr. Bruce A Kehr, a psychiatrist at Potomac Psychiatry, took action with two DNA tests to pinpoint the best mental health treatment options using Steve’s personal genome. Read on…

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