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The Relationship Between Gene Testing and Precision Psychiatry

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Each of us deserves to be healthy and whole. Adele was a brilliant lawyer and engineer, as well as a young mother. After months of psychotherapy and failed medication trails, Adele wasn’t getting better. In fact, she was considering ending her own life.

“I am just not sure I want to go on living. I have no hope for ever recovering. I am at the end of the line.”

Adele had grown up in an emotionally toxic home where she was abused for years by her father; which was the root of her depression. She also suffered postpartum depression.

“… her prescription didn’t seem to be helping. In fact, it seemed to make things worse.”

Instead of giving up, Adele persisted. Dr. Bruce A Kehr, a psychiatrist at Potomac Psychiatry, started her remarkable journey to wholeness with a DNA test for precise treatments to suit her genome.

What four steps led Adele to recovery?

Find out here.

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