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Understanding PTSD Treatments Through DNA Testing

veteran ptsd recovery parasailing

Why do some combat veterans suffer from PTSD and some don’t? The answer may be found in their predispositions that show up in their personal genomes.

Marcy grew up with family trauma from her father’s PTSD. In addition, she is overwhelmed with physical and emotional struggles as a result of working with wounded warriors.

“Marcy had variants in all of the genes associated with higher rates of mood instability and PTSD.”

She reported suffering from depression, panic attacks, cognitive impairment, social anxiety, multiple phobias, insomnia, nightmares, unstable moods, and racing thoughts.

“A progressive modification of the pathways controlled by each and every one of her genetic variants began to incrementally improve her condition.”

Dr. Bruce A Kehr, a psychiatrist at Potomac Psychiatry, orders a DNA test for Marcy, whose father and brother both experienced the pain of PTSD.

What treatment helps this patient address her gene-based symptoms?

Find out on Dr. Kehr’s blog.

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