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Genomind Launches GenMed Pro™ Precision Gene-Drug Interaction Software to Revolutionize the Prescription Process

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KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa., February 10, 2021 – Genomind®, the leader in comprehensive genetics and digital mental health services, has announced the launch of GenMed✔ Pro™ – Precision Gene-Drug Interaction Software. This patent pending medication management software was designed to work in partnership with their flagship pharmacogenetic test, Genomind® Professional PGx Express™. Together these solutions, both available in Genomind’s Clinician Portal,  were designed to help healthcare providers evaluate safer prescribing options with speed and precision. This is especially critical for polypharmacy patient populations often seen in high volume psychiatry, primary care and Medicare offices.

“With studies reporting that medication errors harm an estimated 1.5 million people every year at a cost of at least $3.5 billion annually, GenMed✔ Pro will support genetic polypharmacy guidance for top health conditions in 95% of the most commonly prescribed medications,” said Shawn O’Brien, Chairman and CEO of Genomind. “Our Clinician Portal was designed for simplicity with features including higher visibility directed at patient results.”

“GenMed Pro helps me quickly analyze complex genetic and medication interactions. It is an incredibly useful tool to help me make better and safer medication choices,” said Ben Weinstein, MD, Chair of Psychiatry, C. James and Carole Walter Looke Presidential Distinguished Centennial Clinical Academic Scholar in Behavioral Health, Houston Methodist.

GenMed✔ Pro covers the most commonly prescribed medications for the top health care conditions. Psychotropic medications are the 3rd most commonly prescribed drug class, and it is critical to balance those choices with other medications that patients may be using. These medications are assessed with key genes that can impact a patient’s metabolism, absorption, and sensitivity. To date, there are over 270 medications with FDA approved labels that have genetic biomarker implications, including black box warnings. This includes some common antidepressants, pain medications and anticoagulants. Without access to this important information, there may be unseen risks to patients. GenMed✔ Pro, however, is designed to become part of the standard prescribing process and to help mitigate these  interactions.

Unlike other tools on the market that only take into account gene-drug or drug-drug interactions, GenMed✔ Pro was designed to generate a more complete picture. In fact, only knowing a patient’s genotype could mean 20-30% of potentially serious pharmacokinetic drug-drug interactions are missed. GenMed✔ Pro also takes into account environmental factors including smoking and coffee which can impact drug exposure. It then produces a composite score for all genes and medications so you can assess the full medication profile at once. Finally, there is an automatic ranking of alternative medications to provide a quick view of similar treatment options.

“By offering critical information by use of drug interaction alerts, medical providers can focus their attention exactly where it’s needed most,” said Dan Dowd, PharmD, Vice-President of Medical Affairs at Genomind. “Adverse drug events are a leading cause of hospitalizations and ER visits. Having access to software like this at the point of prescribing is vital.”

GenMed✔ Pro will be available at no additional cost when healthcare providers register for Genomind’s Clinician Portal.  In addition to offering demo videos and resources, GenMed✔ Pro will also provide the most up-to-date FDA/CPIC/DPWG guidelines to detail interaction information. To learn more and to access these tools, providers can register today at


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Genomind is a leading precision mental health company singularly focused on filling the innovation gap in mental health care through novel, genetics-based tools. Supported by a world-class genetics lab, a unique heritage of clinical mental health expertise, clinical collaboration and consultation, state-of-the-art digital tools and tele-mental health enabling services, Genomind is empowering a new standard of care. Its flagship product, Genomind® Professional PGx Express™, is the most comprehensive pharmacogenetic testing service helping medical professionals personalize patients’ mental health treatment. The company also recently launched Genomind® Mental Health Map™– a breakthrough direct-to-consumer test that enables a new and better understanding of the biological basis of mental wellness, coupled with personalized actionable guidance to help people improve health and wellness. Learn more at

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