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Genomind is Advancing how Healthcare Providers Prescribe Medications Better, Faster – Expanding Beyond Mental Health

Genomind Express Report Sample

Expanded testing panel provides a better understanding of a patient’s genetic medication risk profile.

Genomind’s real-time, interactive, medication management tool GenMedPro™ has expanded to include over 1,000 medications. This expansion empowers providers to more effectively prescribe medications by easily assessing gene-drug, drug-drug, and drug-environment interactions with the ability to adjust prescriptions based on critical personalized genetic insights.

New “Express Report,” relevant for psychiatry, primary care, cardiovascular, geriatrics and pain management, quickly and simply summarizes medications to avoid, and suggests alternatives for patients based on their unique gene-drug interaction profile and published pharmacogenetic (PGx) guideline.

King of Prussia, PA– April 24, 2023  – A leader in genetic testing and precision medication management, Genomind® is expanding its genetic panel and introducing a new streamlined report with actionable insights for patients – the Express Report. The enhanced genetic panel aligns with PGx testing guidelines and published evidence that affect hundreds of commonly prescribed medications. This includes drugs used in mental health, primary care, cardiology, pain management, and geriatrics. Genomind’s Express Report quickly and simply summarizes PGx risks and presents alternatives more likely to be well-tolerated for patients based on their detected gene-drug interactions.

“Historically, we have been the best in the industry for mental health medication management. This expansion allows us to better serve patients with comorbidities,” says Chief Medical Officer, David Krause, MD, FACP. “Genomind provides a unique, in-depth report tailored to the patient’s current prescriptions, while offering one-on-one provider consultations with our expert team of PharmDs to provide guidance on interpreting insights from the genetic report.”

Supporting efficiencies and patient care for clinicians, Genomind provides proprietary interactive software, GenMedPro™, with improved PGx interaction guidance on more than 99% of the most commonly prescribed medications. GenMedPro helps providers proactively manage medications, optimize treatment plans and detect potential adverse drug events. Providers ordering PGx tests from Genomind have access to GenMedPro as part of the precision medicine guidance. Genomind’s PGx test and GenMedPro were designed to work in partnership to help healthcare providers evaluate safer prescribing options more effectively, safely and quickly – a critical advancement in reducing trial-and-error prescribing scenarios.

In the US each year, providers write nearly five billion prescriptions for over 20,000 FDA-approved drugs, often relying on a “trial and error” approach to manage a patient’s medications. This traditional prescribing method causes millions of patients to suffer preventable health complications and adverse drug events and increases resource utilization. Genetics is changing the game of medication management. By understanding how genes affect a person’s response to medications, healthcare providers can tailor treatment to each individual, improving outcomes and reducing the risk of side effects. Genomind’s PGx test is a powerful tool for improving the health of patients.

“I think at this point I have probably done about a thousand patient’s genetic tests with Genomind. There has been a 100% patient satisfaction. It’s changed how patients can be a part of their treatment, which is integral. I need to do everything in my power to get that patient invested and give them some hope. Not only does it give them hope that they are going to get the treatment right, but it also validates their experience.” – Michele Novella, PMHNP-BC, PMHCNS-BC, APRN, Medical Director & Owner at Star Psychiatric Health

About Genomind

Genomind is a leading medication management company focused on empowering healthcare providers in optimizing the treatment experience for their patients through actionable genetic insights and innovative health technology, reducing the guessing game in medication selection. Since its founding, Genomind has been a leader in pharmacogenetic testing, and continues to advance precision health services for individual and population-level patient care. Built on the foundation of compassionate care and clinical expertise, Genomind is empowering a more targeted and personalized approach to medication management in psychiatric care and beyond, to achieve a new standard of excellence.

Originally published to Business Wire.

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