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Researchers Present New Data on the Utility of Genomind’s Mental Health Pharmacogenomic Testing at Upcoming Scientific Conferences

KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa., September 16, 2019 – Genomind®, a leading mental health company bringing precision medicine into mainstream mental health treatment, announced today that four abstracts in which Genomind’s pharmacogenomic test was utilized to direct mental health pharmacotherapy have been accepted for presentation at upcoming medical conferences. The poster presentations will occur at two prestigious psychopharmacology-focused mental health symposiums:

“The association between genetic profiles and individual responses to medications in mental health is complex, but we believe that it is becoming increasingly critical to patients’ well-being and long-term outcomes,” said Shawn Patrick O’Brien, Chief Executive Officer at Genomind. “Genomind is committed to developing cutting-edge science and data-driven tools to serve clinicians and patients, and we are very proud of our relationship with several prestigious investigators and institutions  and the strong work they have done this year to move pharmacogenomics forward.”

Presentation details for the three posters presented at 2019 Psych Congress

All posters will be on display Friday, October 4 from 12:15 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. PT, as well as Saturday, October 5 1:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. PT.

Poster #1

Title: Medication Optimization Using Pharmacogenomic Testing and a Drug Interaction Guide in a Complex Mental Health Population

Location: Exhibit Hall

Conclusion: Participants saw significant clinical improvement in depression and quality of life over the 14-week trial, suggesting that the medication changes based on Genomind’s PGx assay results were beneficial, particularly in a medically complex patient population prescribed psychiatric polypharmacy.

Lead Author: Amanda Wood, PhD, VA Puget Sound Health Care System

Poster #2

Title: The Association Between COMT Genotype and Bupropion Treatment Response in Outpatients with Major Depressive Disorder

Location: Exhibit Hall

Conclusion: High dose bupropion was beneficial for MDD patients with Val carrier COMT genotypes, but not for patients with a Met/Met genotype. Based upon COMT genotypes, Val carriers should be prescribed bupropion at doses ≥200mg. Met/Met individuals should avoid, or cautiously use, bupropion for MDD. Prospective studies are necessary to replicate this pharmacodynamic relationship between bupropion and COMT genotypes and explore economic and clinical outcomes.

Lead Author: Jay Fawver, MD, Parkview Physicians Group (PPG) – Mind-Body Medicine, Parkview Health

Poster #3

Title: Psychiatric Pharmacogenetic Testing Efficacy in an Adult Psychiatric Inpatient Population

Location: Exhibit Hall

Conclusion: This pilot study provides preliminary support for the efficacy of psychiatric pharmacogenetic testing in an inpatient setting. Future studies should investigate psychiatric pharmacogenetic testing efficacy in larger samples and account for medication changes resulting directly from test results.

Lead Author: Kerry Ressler MD, PhD, Chief, Division of Depression & Anxiety Disorders, McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical Scholl

Presentation details for the Genomind poster at the NEI Congress

Title: Factors Associated with Cost Savings Following Use of a Pharmacogenetic Assay in Individuals with Mood and Anxiety Disorders

Date: Saturday, November 9

Time: 6:15 p.m. – 7:15 p.m. MT

Location: International Center

Conclusion: Use of a pharmacogenetic assay was associated with cost-savings in the database of a large commercial insurer. Patients with bipolar disorder were more likely to be high cost savers than individuals with other mood and anxiety disorders.

Lead Author: Alison M Edwards MStat, Healthagen

These presentations add to the cadre of independent studies supporting the use of pharmacogenomics in mental health, including prior work that demonstrated that the use of Genomind’s test can improve patient outcomes and reduce costs by almost $2,000 in the six months following testing.[i] The recent positive coverage decision from UnitedHealthcare cited multiple studies supporting the use of pharmacogenomic testing – including Genomind’s test – in certain patients with depression and anxiety. Genomind expects to provide additional data and patient outcome results through its recently announced partnership with NeuroFlow – a behavioral health care analytics and technology company.

About Psych Congress

The premier educational conference on practical psychopharmacology, Psych Congress serves as a unique, integrated forum to connect members of the entire mental health team—psychiatrists, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, psychologists, primary care physicians, and other mental health professionals—with the foremost experts in mental health to improve patient outcomes through education. No other mental health conference offers the same breadth and level of comprehensive psychopharmacology education combined with state-of-the-art treatment approaches and emerging research findings.

About NEI Congress/NEI

Sponsored by the Neuroscience Education Institute, this meeting, now in its 15th year, is focused on prescribers specializing in psychiatry. All other health care providers interested in psychopharmacology are welcome for advanced study, especially primary care physicians, nurse practitioners, psychologists, and pharmacists. Since its inception in 2000, NEI has provided high quality, visually engaging, evidence-based, and fair and balanced activities designed to help increase the competence of health care professionals in the diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric and neurologic disease states. NEI is dedicated to providing the highest quality educational experience, with cutting-edge content that is developed and delivered according to learner-centered educational principles. In particular, NEI is uniquely known for making complex concepts accessible through the use of animation and a visual lexicon that is present throughout our content. NEI was founded by award-winning author and psychiatrist Dr. Stephen M. Stahl. More than 30,000 mental health professionals continually return to to receive their continuing education and satisfy their need for professional growth.

About Genomind

Genomind is a leading mental health care company, delivering the genetic testing tools that empower clinicians to make more informed treatment decisions and create better outcomes for patients with mental illnesses. As the scientific leader in genetic testing, Genomind’s flagship offering is Genomind Professional PGx Express – the most comprehensive mental health genetic service available. Supported by a world-class genetics lab and unique consultative approach, Genomind is advancing a new paradigm of personalized medicine in mental health care. Learn more at

i. Perlis R et al. Pharmacogenetic testing among patients with mood and anxiety disorders is associated with decreased utilization and cost: A propensity‐score matched study. Depression and Anxiety, 2018.

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