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Personalized medicine for psychiatry

Genetic testing for mental health treatment

Genomind® Professional PGx ExpressTM is a genetic test created to assist clinicians in making treatment decisions for patients with a mental illness. The test examines patient-specific genetic markers that can identify treatments that are more likely to work as intended, not have an effect, or cause a negative effect. It is a quickly administered cheek swab test that evaluates key genes, chosen based on hundreds of studies that show variations in these genes can help inform treatment choices for mental disorders.

Genomind Professional PGx Express is used to guide treatment for a range of psychiatric conditions, including:

  • post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • autism
  • schizophrenia
  • personality disorder
  • chronic pain
  • substance abuse

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Peer reviewed published studies have show that Genomind Professional PGx Express may improve a patient’s mental health and lessen overall medical costs. Each test provides clinicians with a simple patient report and includes a psychopharmacogenomic consultation.

Why Genomind Professional PGx?

Help reduce the expense and struggle of finding the right treatment by trial and error.

In 93% of patient cases, Genomind Professional PGx Express influences clinicians treatment decisions.

The simple, in-office, cheek swab based test is painless and easy to perform.



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