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Introducing GenMedPro, Genomind’s Precision Medicine Software

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Genomind is proud to introduce our latest innovation, GenMedPro™ Precision Medicine Software. Our advanced medication management software and our pharmacogenetic test were designed to work in partnership to help you evaluate safer prescribing options with speed and precision. The software includes:

  • Genetic polypharmacy guidance for top health conditions (95% of most commonly prescribed medications)
  • Gene-drug AND drug-drug alerts to help you avoid potentially harmful interactions
  • Key genes related to metabolism, absorption, and sensitivity (CYP450, ABCB1 (p-glycoprotein), UGT, and HLA-A and HLA-B)
  • Environmental drug metabolism factors like smoking and coffee
  • Automatic rankings of alternative medications
  • Medication and gene composite scoring
  • Direct access to the most up-to-date FDA / CPIC / DPWG guidelines
  • EMR integration opportunities

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