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Genomind Precision Health Platform: Literature Summary

Genomind PGx lab sample array tray for genes

Genomind®, a unique personalized medicine platform that brings innovation to healthcare around the world, is pleased to present this summary of the genes behind our pharmacogenetic products. Our products are used to assist clinical decision-making when prescribing medication across multiple conditions. These products include:

1) The Genomind Pharmacogenetic Report:

a. Genomind Express Report: A concise report of 6 pharmacodynamic and 11 pharmacokinetic genes that impact medications across multiple disease states and specialties including cardiology, psychiatry, gastroenterology, pain management, and genitourinary medicine.

b. Genomind NeuroPsych PGx Report: A comprehensive report that includes 15 pharmacodynamic and 11 pharmacokinetic genes that impact dosing, sensitivity or response to many medications used in the practice of psychiatry.

2) GenMedProTM: an interactive clinical decision support software that identifies drug-drug interactions (DDI) and drug-gene interactions (DGI). The software provides published PGx treatment guidelines and an alternative medication feature.

Testing for our products is a simple, non-invasive buccal test (cheek swab) that can be administered quickly in a clinician’s office or by the patient at home. A complimentary consultation with experts in the field of pharmacogenetics is available to the clinician with each patient report.

Download full report here

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