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Genomind PGx Literature Review

Genomind PGx lab sample array tray for genes

Genomind, a unique personalized medicine platform that brings innovation to healthcare around the world, is pleased to present this summary of the genes behind Genomind Professional PGx® (formerly The Genecept Assay), a genetic test that analyzes both pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic genes. The current test includes the analysis of 15 pharmacodynamic genes and 9 pharmacokinetic genes.

Genomind Professional PGx® is used to assist clinical decision-making when prescribing medication for psychiatric conditions. It is a simple, non-invasive buccal test (cheek swab) that can be administered quickly in a clinician’s office. The comprehensive results report provides clear data that can inform clinical decisions. A complimentary consultation with experts in the field of psychopharmacogenetics is available to the clinician along with each patient report.

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